Wooden staircase

After seeing it in the furniture shop, I built it! The main idea was to save a lot of money. It was on sale for 70€. Well, you know what? If I didn't spend the same amount of money to build it, I spent more ahahaha. come on, I still had fun building it.

It was only after I had seen it seven months that the staircase I had seen in the furniture shop came back into my mind! I had seen in the furniture shop! How could I have forgotten to build it ???? So I went to buy the necessary materials. When I saw the price of the lumber... well, I was really scared about the price.
I couldn't believe it... I was right to buy it in the shop!

I had the help of my father to handle these woods. We did the work with a drill press.
The rungs of the ladder were glued with vinyl glue, without screws. It's not like the one I saw in the shop... mine is nicer!
I didn't paint it, it remained beautiful even after one year.

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