Berry salad with mint and chocolate

I made this berry salad with mint and chocolate to delight my palate... here's how I served it.
At the supermarket I found some wonderful blueberries and raspberries and I immediately wanted to prepare a fruit salad.
The first thing to do is to prepare the rim of the glass container with the chopped mint. In order to make it stick without getting the whole glass dirty I did this:

  • I chopped the mint.
  • I chopped the chocolate.
  • I wrapped the container with plastic wrap, leaving 0.5 cm of the edge uncovered.
  • I wet the outside of the edge (but thinking about it next time I'll try honey!!).
  • I placed the edge of the container on top of the shredded mint, swirling it around to get the mint to stick. I have to say, not much stuck using water.
  • I removed the cling film from the glass container.
  • I mixed the blueberries, berries, chocolate and pineapple juice in a separate bowl.
  • With a spoon, I spooned the fruit and chocolate into the glass container, being careful not to get the entire inside wall of the container dirty.
  • With a funnel, I poured the pineapple juice into the glass container.
  • Added the mint.

Remember that the fruit must be at room temperature, it is not good cold!

Enjoy your meal!

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